Thursday, 28 January 2016

7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

Despite having read blogs for a long time I found that starting my own was a completely different experience, and there were so many things I just wish I knew back then! I know these sort of posts can be a bit decisive, but personally I find 'blog tips' type posts so, so helpful and I thought now that I've been blogging for 8 months I'd do one myself!
1. Commenting and interacting with other blogs is not only one of the most enjoyable parts of blogging, but also what will help to grow your blog. I love reading comments on something I've written and always try to check out blogs in return. I think a nice, thoughtful comment really can make somebody's day. I would suggest not going for a really generic "great post, follow my blog" type of comment though as they can seem slightly insincere, and honestly if they've just been cut and paste to as many places as possible its fairly obvious!
2. Remember your blog's supposed to be fun! It can be so easy to get swept away with increasing your follower counts, getting a few free products and trying to keep up with posting goals that you forget why you started all of this in the first place! I won't lie, reaching 500 followers on Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram was great, but it isn't a magic fix to making you love your blog so remember to enjoy and be proud of what your posting, even if it gets a few less comments than usual!

Monday, 25 January 2016

7 Quotes to Get You Through Janurary

January is essentially the Monday of months, Christmas is finished for another year, it's still cold, you're back at work and everyone seems to be actually going to the gym. The horror! With my January exams and dissertation deadline getting scarily close my stress levels are getting increasingly out of control, and based on my friends and family, I'm not the only one. So here are 7 inspirational quotes to try and get some new years motivation. Although if you hate cheesy motivational quotes then maybe don't read on!
“Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.” 
Maya Angelou
“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” 
Ayn Rand
“I was set free, because my greatest fear had already been realized, and I was still alive, and I still had a daughter whom I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”
J.K. Rowling
“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” 
Nikos Kazantzakis
“Don’t let the muggles get you down.”
J.K. Rowling
"She can turn any ordinary moment into an adventure." "Can you give an example of that?" "When Hurricane Sandy destroyed the bottom floor of our house, she decorated the rubble in Christmas lights." 
Humans of New York
"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters." 
Audrey Hepburn

 Do you have a favourite quote? Let me know in the comments below and I hope your January so far has been fabulous! Georgia xxxx


Sunday, 3 January 2016

My Top 5 Posts of 2015

I can't believe it, but we're now in 2016! Anyone else not quite sure where 2015 went?! Its been an unbelievable 8 months since I decided on a whim to start this blog while procrastinating revising for my summer exams, and I definitely didn't imagine that I'd still be loving blogging this far on or that this many of you would want to read any of my little old posts. So thank you so, so much to anyone who's read my blog so far! I was actually quite surprised by some of my most read posts, so read on to see my top 5 of 2015!
1. 5 Amazing Bloggers You Should Be Reading. I'll admit I was initially a bit surprised that this is my most read post ever, but then I remembered how much I love reading these sort of posts! These 5 have such awesome blogs and it makes me happy that a post highlighting amazing and hard working bloggers is my top post of 2015! I'll definitely have to do a part 2 with some more lovely bloggers soon.
2. New Look Winter Haul. Haul posts (of litereally any kind) are my absolute favourite posts to read, probably because I'm such a shopoholic that if I'm unable to be out frittering away my own money then I need to be vicariously living through others! I also think these sorts of posts are so useful to get some wardrobe inspiration and be able to see exactly where someone got their outfit from. They're even better when they have accompanying outfit pictures so that's something I'm aiming to improve on my blog this year, as I love fashion and putting outfits together I just get too nervous to get someone to take the pictures for the post!
3. Benefit Real Cheeky Party Review. I think this one is mainly up here because it comes up on the second page if you search for a review of the product as I don't remember it getting loads of page views initially! That being said I really enjoy writing review posts and this set was so fab I not only got it for my sisters birthday present but also went out the next day and bought one for myself!
4.Winter Pamper Routine. This is one of those odd posts that started out being written as a last minute on the day replacement post, but actually ended up being so much fun to write and hopefully to read! Sometimes things can get really stressful and we could all use a little bit of pampering, so give this one a click if you ever want some inspiration about how to have a relaxed, chilled out evening in on a budget!
5. The £5 or Less Skin Care Routine. Whilst I do think this is a really useful post for anyone interested in starting a more consistent skincare routine on a budget, I just cannot deal with the photography in this post! It was my first time using my new camera and it definitely shows! I can remember being so frustrated at the time, but also so proud of the content of the post that I just got annoyed and posted it anyway. So yeah, love the content of this one, just don't judge me too harshly on the accompanying picture!

I'd love to know if there's anything you'd like to see posted in 2016? More beauty, more lifestyle, more fashion? Please let me know, whatever it is! And thank you so much for all your lovely blogging support this year!! Georgia xxxx
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