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5 Things My Instagram Doesn't Tell You

Things on social media can sometimes appear so perfect. With the seemingly endless beautiful pictures depicting amazing things, it can be easy to forget that for most of us Instagram is a highlight reel of our daily lives, usually with a carefully chose angle and filter! Whilst the fun night out for cocktails or trip to London will likely feature it's unlikely that the 4am library panic over an essay would. For me, Instagram is a place to share a love for photography mixed with parts of what I'm doing, and while I don't believe my feed is a lie, it definitely does place a positive (and probably Valencia) filter over my life, and I wouldn't want anyone to think that everything in my life is it as it appears on my lovely little grid! So here are 5 things my Instagram doesn't show! 
I constantly panic over graduating university and my grades! Don't get me wrong, I love my subject and feel so, so lucky to be able to study it full time but as it turns out dissertations, coursework and exams are bloody stressful! Add to that the confusion of attempting to figure out what you're going to do for the rest of your life and things definitely aren't as chilled out as my endless flowers, coffee and pretty architecture pictures would appear. 
I do a lot of volunteering. It's not always just the negative parts that don't get added to social media, sometimes there are really big parts of our lives that just don't get mentioned. Personally I don't think this is a huge problem, as I think its natural to some parts of your life separate from others. But honestly, whilst I do love shopping and make-up there's a lot of other things I'm passionate about too, you just wouldn't know it from social media.

Getting a layout picture to look vaguely good takes a lot of time! If anyone was under the illusion that I just artfully throw a load of products across a white desk then I hate to shatter this.. but it usually takes me moving the products round about 15 times, changing the angle over and over and a whole lot of editing to have it look anywhere near presentable! And even then, there's usually that one product that's just slightly out of place or looking. But its okay, stick a Nashville filter and some sharpening over it and everything will be fine! 
I don't actually spend my entire pay cheque in Lush and Costa, as much as I would love to! As I was writing this post I flicked through my instagram to realise that I post a lot (and I mean A LOT) of pictures of Costa coffee and Lush bath bombs! While I won't deny that I probably definitely buy too many of both of these, I'm not at the point of using them everyday, its just I for some reason feel the need to take a picture when I do have them, can anyone else relate? Put it this way, if I took a picture of every coffee I had, the lovely Christmas Costa cups would probably be outnumbered 15 to 1 by the Nescafe make-it-yourself 20p ones! 
For every picture uploaded there's usually another 15 or so that didn't make it! Please tell me this is not just me! I seem to take about 20 near identical pictures and then carefully select the one that looks jsut that tiny bit better. Big apologies to my ever suffering sister for the endless "which one do you prefer?" messages, when honestly they're pretty much the exact same! And that's before I've added a filter and spent 5 minutes messing about with the brightness, sharpness and everything else. Take a look at the before and after below to get an idea of what I mean! 
I guess what I'm trying to say is that social media doesn't give a full picture of someone's life, and honestly it probably never will. And that okay! For a lot of us social media is a fun distraction, a chance to share our love for photography and get inspiration from other gorgeous looking pictures, I'm looking at you It's Little Lauren! Just remember that you don't know everything going on behind the glossed over pictures! 
I'd love to know your thoughts on this, so feel free to let me know below!
Georgia xxxx


  1. So agree with all of these. Especially at the moment things have been very heated on opinions of social media. I totally agree it's just a fun outlet of creativity and sharing fun stuff, and yes I often take a good 10 photos before I decide on what to upload. I too spend way to much time worrying about my degree - what course do you do?

    JosieVictoriaa // // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

    1. Completely agree about it being a fun creative outlet! :) I do psychology, how about you? Thanks for reading lovely!! xx

  2. I absolutely love this post, I definitely wasn't expecting to get a mention at the end- thank you!!! X

  3. I love this post, what a great idea!
    "I constantly panic over graduating university and my grades!" this is literally me, although in pictures I'm always looking pretty chilled hehe


    1. Same! Thanks for reading lovely :) xx

  4. I love this post x

    Cait //


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