Tuesday, 1 December 2015

11 Reasons To Be Happy Winter Is Here

So its currently cold enough to need gloves, raining on a daily basis and while we're still surrounded by gorgeous orange and red falling leaves the change from autumn to winter is becoming increasingly clear. I seem to be permanently wrapped up in my fluffy dressing gown worrying about my dissertation, the heating been switched on and its now socially acceptable to play as much Christmas music as possible, a sure sign we've reached winter! I'll admit the cold early morning to uni followed by emerging to near darkness at 4 pm isn't exactly thrilling, but winter can also be amazing! So here are 11 reasons to be happy that, as Jon Snow so wisely states, Winter Is Coming. 

1. Costa's incredible winter drinks. Don't get me wrong I love a good red starbucks cup, but for me personally its all about Costa when it comes to hot drinks on a cold wintery day! So many coffee and hot chocolate choices, and it's cold which makes it totally acceptable to spend £4 on 1 cup of delicious festive coffee. 
2. "It's too dark" becomes a legitimate excuse for avoiding anything you don't want to do. Going to the gym, visiting the library, that 4pm Friday lecture you're really not feeling.. now that its getting dark so early you can't reasonably be expected to leave your bed home just to go on the cross trainer and mess about on the weights machines at the gym for a bit. 
3. Although obviously it's never too dark for Christmas shopping. Giving presents is such a lovely part of this time of year and as you're there anyway you may as well pick up some shopping for you too.
4. Winter coats, big scarves and ankle boots return, making it so much easier to not have to bother too much what else you're wearing. Want to wear that same jumper 3 days running? Its fine no one's going to see it under your warm coat and massive tartan scarf anyway. 
5. It's cold, it's raining so you may as well just stay in your warm snuggly bed with Netflix on at any time possible. If you want to get into your pyjamas and stay under the covers at 6pm no one's going to judge you when its freezing and already pitch dark. 
6. The possibility of a snow day aka no school or work for the day! Okay, now that I'm at uni, have a part time job and do largely independent study this is nowhere near as exciting as it was, and trekking to work in the slippery aftermath might actually be a bit inconvenient. But who doesn't love a good snowball fight and building snowman?! I'd also love the opportunity to legitimately miss a Friday 9 am lecture!
7. More roast dinners, more chocolate, more exciting puddings the food at this time of year is seriously good! 
8. Christmas baking is also back on the cards. From gingerbread houses to yule logs and Christmas pudding themed cupcakes, you can get as creative as you like. If you're stuck for ideas just check out pinterest and get scrolling. Or just head down the supermarket, pick up a 'decorate your own gingerbread' kit and get icing!
9. Christmas films are basically the best. From identifying a bit too much with The Grinch (how could anyone not love him?!) to laughing at Home Alone watching festive films is amazing. Especially if you're surrounded by hungover housemates who also "just want the Grinch and his dog Max to be happy".
10. Monopoly wars. Okay you could definitely play this in July as well but who doesn't love a good Boxing Day board game, like apart from the unlucky person who lands on Mayfair with 4 houses and a hotel on it.
11. And finally, the Christmas ranges have arrived! From Lush exclusives to all the new makeup and beauty sets to choose from, shopping (for presents or for you) just got more exciting!
I'd love to know your favourite thing about winter so let me know in the comments!
Georgia xxx


  1. I love playing boar games in winter evenings! Also, hot chocolate, Christmas movies, possible snow day and scarfs are things I am most excited about :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Same! Hot chocolate is definitely the best at Christmas time! xx

  2. Love these things, I love Christmas time and all these things are getting me loving winter even more! I agree, Costa is the best and they do the most incredible festive drinks and cakes!! I also really love any sort of chocolate and Christmas baking, definitely a highlight of the holidays! Snow, also and excellent prospect - although you're right I'm kind of dreading doing the walk to uni in the slippery mush :/ I'm so excited to break into all the Christmas films waiting for me at home too! And fires, and hot chocolates just make it even more cosy.

    JosieVictoriaa // josievictoriaa.blogspot.co.uk // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

    1. Glad to hear! I love Costa all year round but especially at winter! Christmas films are the best, can't beat Elf in December :) xx

  3. I adore this time of year and your post just got me that much more excited!

    xo, Liz

  4. Costa's Christmas drinks and cups are always so good! I like how festive and colourful everything looks.


  5. Costa drinks are so bloody addictive and yummy! Lovely post :) xx

    Jessica Ann ♥

  6. Love this list! I've gotten back into knitting and always love a good Netflix marathon. :)

    Rachel (goldandmarble.blogspot.com)

    1. That's so cool! I have no idea how to knit, but would love to try it! Must be so nice to make your own jumpers or scarfs :) xx

  7. I enjoyed reading this list so much! My favourite thing to do is snuggle under a blanket with my boyfriend and watch some of our favourite films!x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Glad you enjoyed it lovely! :) That sounds like the perfect winter day! xx


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