Thursday, 19 November 2015

5 Underrated Netflix Gems

Like nearly everyone else I was beyond excited to discover all 5 seasons of Pretty Little Liars, the entirety of Gossip Girl, Orange is the New Black and some of the Hunger Games films on Netflix, but there are also some lesser known gems to be found. Here are 5 I'd recommend you check out next time it's raining, you have loads of work to do and the essays just not going to happen!
Reign. This is my current obsession! This popped up as a recommendation for Pretty Little Liars and I somehow ended up watching like half the first season in a week, which wouldn't be that bad if I didn't have a crazy amount of essays and dissertation planning to do at the moment! Set in the time where Mary Queen of Scots was attempting to rule France, this show has the perfect mix of romance, history and drama. It also has some killer wardrobe choices and serious dress envy!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Massive Lush Winter Haul

It is seriously concerning how many haul posts have appeared on my blog recently! But hey, Lush's Christmas and Autumn range are literally everywhere at the moment and evidently I just couldn't resist buying pretty much everything I could hold, to the point that a shop assistant genuinely brought me over a basket! While getting 7 bath bombs is slightly completely ridiculous, they'll probably last me until Christmas. Well I hope they will anyway! So here are some first impressions of all Lush's gorgeous, Christmassy selections!
Rose Jam Bubbleroon (X). This is essentially a huge, pink, glittery bubble macaroon, so really whats not to love?! Promising to turn your water into a gorgeous pink this can be broken in half to get 2 uses, yay! The lovely mix of lemon, rose oil and cocoa and shea butters this bubbleroon not only smells amazing but aims to soften, condition and restore so is the perfect tlc after a long day.
Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar (X). Halloween may have been and gone but its still autumn and therefore completely acceptable to still obsess over anything pumpkin related! As well as being possibly the glitteriest Lush product I've come across and completely adorable, this contains uplifting juniperberry and grapefruit oils to create a fresh, fruity scent.
Cinders (X). This lovely bath bomb is literally just the ultimate cosy night by the fire autumnal treat. With cinnamon and popping candy inside I can't wait to try this one out! It smells amazing and although I've been warned that the colour it turns the water isn't exactly lovely I'm hoping the warm and spicy aroma will make up for it!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Born Pretty Haul

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent some products from the lovely Born Pretty Store to review. I'd never heard of them before and was slightly apprehensive as although their products look gorgeous, they were, so, so affordable that I sort of just assumed that for £2-3 how good could they really be! However I was actually pretty impressed on their arrival! And with the store having literally hundreds of products I'd definitely buy from them again. Here's what I thought of the lovely 3 products I chose!
Phone Case* (X). This is definitely my favourite product of the 3! I've been looking for a new phone case for a while now so this lovely one came just at the right time! Its so pretty and has quite a vintage feel to it as well as fitting perfectly, which anyone else with the tricky iphone 5C will know how rare is! I've been using it ever since it arrived and it is literally ridiculous to me that it only costs 2 US dollars! Like how is that even possible?! I'm definitely going to check out their phone cases when I want one next time and I'm pretty sure they'll soon become my go-to for phone accessories!
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