Monday, 26 October 2015

5 Amazing Bloggers You Should Be Reading

The main reason I started blogging is because of how much I enjoy reading other people's blogs! I also love reading posts that highlight other people's favourite bloggers, so here is a long overdue post about the blogs I love reading and why you should be reading them too!
For Beauty: Jasmine Talks Beauty
Jasmine's beauty blog is literally the first place I'd look if I want to read anything beauty related as its completely packed with informative, fun posts and seriously impressive photography! Her posts are also so versatile in the products she covers, ranging from high street beauty steals to more high end product reviews. I think you can also just tell that Jasmine is so passionate about her blog and puts so much work into it, and she's also always commenting and reading other people's posts which is so lovely!

For Fashion: The Velvet Black
I LOVE Alice's style so much, its really effortlessly cool and imaginative. She does so many amazing OOTD posts which capture her fun style so well. As with pretty much all these bloggers her photography is also fab with tons of colorful, chic London backdrops to her outfit posts. If you're ever feeling like you want to add some edge to an outfit or just want some fashion ideas literally just scroll through some of her posts and you're bound to find some inspiration!

For Homeware: VVNightingale
Aside from providing amazing reviews of Lush's many products complete with gorgeous high quality pictures, Vicky also posts weeks homeware picks. Usually ranging in price and with at least 6 items her picks are seriously on point, so if you're ever in need of home inspiration her blog should be one of first places you look. I could honestly just read her many homeware picks for hours and gradually narrow it down to a few products to buy! She also did a blog series on blogging for blogger (from the basics of using blogger to some tweaks to make to improve your blog) which I found insanely helpful when I first started blogging and still search for now. You may have to use the search button on the sidebar to find the series but I'd definitely recommend giving it a look if you ever want any blog advice or are considering starting your own blog!

Friday, 23 October 2015

The £5 or Less Skincare Routine

Let face it, buying good skincare on a budget can sometimes be a bit of a challenge! Trying out an expensive skincare product is much riskier than trying out an expensive makeup product as there are just so many different variables that can influence whether your skin agrees with it or not and it can be difficult to work this out prior to buying. Whereas once you've swatched a lipstick or concealer on your hand chances are you can tell roughly whether you're going to love it or hate it! There are so many affordable skincare staples from boots which can seriously rival the higher end selections if chosen carefully, so here are some of the affordable skincare products I just can't imagine not being in my routine.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Review: Benefit Real Cheeky Party

I am a massive Benefit fan (as this previous haul clearly shows) but I have to admit that their gorgeous make up is just a bit out of my student friendly price range. So while I'd love to try every lovely product they have on offer, it's probably just not going to happen any time soon! However whilst browsing for a Birthday present for my sister I stumbled across this gorgeous blush beauty set, which contains an incredible 8 products for just under £30. Yep you read that right, 8 products valuing at £110 if bought individually for just £29.50. Given that the average Benefit blusher or mascara is usually hovering around the £20 mark to get to try out 5 powders, a mascara, a highlighter and an eyeliner for just another £10 is literally amazing! I haven't tried any of products featured before so here are my first impressions and which ones I think are going to become a staple in my makeup routine!

Friday, 16 October 2015

New Look Winter Haul

My student loan is finally here, so I have done the sensible thing and bought way too many new clothes, way too much new make up and made some cupcakes. The one shop I am seriously loving at the moment is New Look! To be honest compared to places like Topshop and Urban Outfitters I've never been a huge New Look fan, but their winter range this year is seriously on point and full of so many gorgeous but affordable items. It also helps that the New Look in Southampton is massive! So before I return to being a skint student who's desperate for payday, here's a not so little haul of my new winter clothes!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Autumn Leaves Red Velvet Cupcakes

One of my favourite parts of autumn is the changing colours of the leaves, the emergence of beautiful, vibrant reds and oranges is just so pretty and magical. Feeling all inspired post bake off I've decided to combine this with one of my favourite cakes.. Red Velvet! Pinterest is full of cute autumnal decoration ideas at the moments so here's how my attempt turned out and the affordable, easy recipe I used.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Autumn Beauty Essentials

So the leaves are falling in beautiful, vibrant colours, its slightly colder and starbucks' cups have got even cuter meaning only one thing.. Autumn is finally here! As much as I love the bright sunshine summer sometimes brings, I love autumn just as much, if not more! With Halloween, Bonfire Night and the beginning of the run up to Christmas, it's just such a fun few months. One of the great things about the changing seasons is that just slightly tweaking your makeup and accessories can be really fun and exciting without having to spend too much money. So here are some essential (okay maybe not completely essential) products to get now autumns arrived!
Barry M Raspberry Nail Varnish (X). While some people seem to effortlessly match their nail varnish to the current season I've always been the girl wearing black nail polish in August and light blue in December. But I've always loved wearing deep red and gorgeous berry varnish in the run up to Halloween and this Barry M raspberry one is just perfect! 
Cocoa Butter Hand Cream (X). As winter approaches I find myself reaching for my hand cream more and more, and I honestly can't recommend this cocoa butter one enough. It smells so gorgeous, is really moisturising and at £1.99 a tube you can't really go wrong!

Monday, 5 October 2015

10 Tips For Having an Amazing Time at University

Its been 3 years since I first ventured off to university and while the details of freshers are seriously hazy  I can remember how I felt at the time so vividly. The classic mix of utterly terrified but crazily excited as it suddenly dawned on me that I was hundreds of miles from home, in an unknown city I'd only visited once and living with complete strangers. But fast forward a few years, and a lot of mistakes, and returning to university now kind of feels like home (big up Southampton!). Here are 10 tips I wish I'd know 3 years ago. 
Pick a subject you really enjoy. You're going to be studying this in intense detail for at least the next 3 years and your choice will likely influence your career so it's really important to pick something you are genuinely interested in and think you will enjoy. This is one I definitely learnt the hard way back when I began a law degree in 2012, but switching courses was the best decision I could have made.
Get organised and get a planner, or use the one on your phone! The thing about uni is that not only do you need to remember when your exams, coursework and lectures are, you also need to remember when societies, socials, part time jobs, volunteering days, gym classes, birthdays and student loan days are. For those of us who aren't exactly born organisers having it all written down makes life so much easier, and also massively decreases the chance of missing that important meeting with your tutor because you totally forgot.
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