Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Summer Sunshine

After an amazing 5 weeks working abroad with little internet and no blogging, I'm so excited to be back blogging regularly as well as catching up on some of my favourite blogs! I've decided to kick things off with this cute little summery tag!

What is your favourite thing about summer?
Gotta be the sunshine! Everything just seems to feel better when its sunny! I also love that I have 4 months off uni and so much time to try out new things, which I'll probably never have again after graduating.

Do you have a favourite summer drink?
A mango and pineapple smoothie! I love smoothies all year round but this one is just so bright, summery and delicious!
Is there a special place you like to visit each summer?
Theres a nature reserve really near me called Dinton Pastures which is just so cute and pretty! It has loads of beautiful lakes with adorable ducks and a massive park with rock climbing and a zipwire for my inner child!

Dresses or Skirts?
Skirts every time! High waisted skirts are just the staple of my wardrobe whatever the season.
Festivals or Vacations?
Personally I'm a huge fan of holidays! Not that festivals aren't awesome, I just love that feeling of getting on a plane to somewhere completely new.

What is your signature summer hairstyle?
Hair down with a few of the front strands plaited back to keep it off my face, or possibly some flowers if I'm feeling particularly girly!
Pool or Beach?
Such a hard question! I love both but I'd  have to go with the beach just because I completely love swimming in the sea, especially if its the sort of beach where once you're past the initial few crashes of waves there's this sense of calm and almost tranquillity as you're bobbing up and down in the clear blue water.

BBQ or Seafood?
I'm veggie so it has to be a BBQ. I love the atmosphere of BBQs and all the amazing fun food to be made, think corn on the cob, colourful salads and imaginative veggie burgers!
Do you tan or burn?
I burn. Every single time!

Favourite summer song?
Life Goes On by Noah and the Whale is my perfect chilled out summer song. Summertime sadness by Lana Del Ray also takes me to an awesome summer a few years ago, when on our girls holiday this was played in every club and it became apparent that, unlike me, my 2 friends aren't the biggest Lana fans!
Thanks so much for reading, and let me know your favourite summer songs in the comments!
Georgia xxx


  1. Mango and pineapple smoothie sounds sooo good! I'd definitely puck BBQ over seafood as well.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Its really yum! Thanks for reading :) xx

  2. Great tag, who doesn't love a good summer holiday?!

    Anika | www.anikamay.co.uk

  3. Lovely tag! I also burn, so I've got you sista! I don't really have a summer song tho :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Have an amazing day! Georgia xx

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