Tuesday, 9 June 2015

11 Surprises You Encounter in Second Year

So you're no longer a fresher, you've grown up, made it through your first year away from home, and you're essentially a university pro. And then the stack of bricks that is second year arrives. Here are my top 10 surprises that second year brings!
  1. Suddenly everything counts. What do you mean there's no retakes and its worth a third of my degree? 
  2. Your love/hate relationship with clubbing reaches a line in the sand. You either go 4 times a week or twice a term, and that's just how it is. 
  3. You've moved into a real rented house, so grown up! Oh wait there's a slug in the kitchen. And no one has any idea what a gas metre reading is. And your landlord isn't anywhere near quite as helpful as he first appeared. 
  4. Netflix becomes a much too substantial part of your life. I mean why leave your comfy, warm bed when the new season of Pretty Little Liars is out?!. 
  5. You begin to wonder whether you've picked the right degree. Maybe because now that it counts you have to actually try, and as it happens spending hours investigating what a phoneme is isn't really your cup of tea. 
  6. You join new societies and actually stick with them! They're amazing and you're having so much fun.
  7. Groupwork. On the one hand you're meeting amazing new people you didn't even know were on your course. But on the other you're meeting infuriating new people you didn't even know were on your course, and they have led you to the depths of a 2:2. 
  8. The hangovers suddenly kick in. For some reason its no longer possible to make your Wednesday 9am after a Tuesday madness night out. This also applies to a night binge watching OITNB until 4am. 
  9. You enter the Library in September, and feel like the responsible, knowledgeable student you always knew you could be. And then suddenly its in the middle of the January exams, you seem to be spending more time at the library than at home, its 3am and all you want is to do is go home and never see an energy drink again.  
  10. Your close friends in first year become your all time best friends in second year. Maybe its because you're living together, maybe its because you've been through so much together or maybe you just click.
  11. You make it through your modules, even the disgustingly difficult ones and realise that you actually are passionate about your subject! Or at least love some parts of it!
Second year was a great fun year for me, but it was definitely full of changes and unexpected surprises! How was your second year of Uni? What was your biggest unexpected shock? And if you haven't got to second year yet don't worry, its a fun year and at least there's no dissertation yet!
Love, Georgia xx

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